Things to Consider Before Buying Travel Luggage

If you decided to visit Europe and to see the most popular tourists places, you have to be prepared to this adventure in advance. If you have already choosen which cities you’d like to see, the next point to consider is what things you need to take with yourself and how you are going to take care with all these stuff.

So the next question is very logical: “Which bag should I choose, with wich will be comfortable to fly on plane, or to ride on buss”

The proper selection of travel luggage depends on various factors like the number of Comfortable travel bagstopovers going to be; how long the trip will take; and, whether you are a kind of person who likes to bring souvenirs on the way back.

For most of the international and almost all of the domestic flights, airline regulations allow a person to carry one small luggage on board. Most of the airlines also allow carrying a personal item other than the carry-on luggage such as purse or laptop.

7 things to consider before buying travel luggage are:

Let’s take a look on each of them a little bit closer


Bag sizeThe allowable carry-on luggage should be sufficient enough to be accommodated under the seat or should be able to be stored in the overhead compartment. Typically, the maximum dimensions allowed for this luggage should not exceed 45 inches. However, there are some airlines having strict regulations. Normally, there are no limitations with respect to size for checked-in baggage.


Due to the provision of smooth airport concourse, luggage with wheels comes really handy and easy to pull, however, the weight of handle and wheel together is around 4 – 5lbs. At the same time, it reduces the space inside the luggage by 2 inches. But recently the carry-on luggage’s have been modified allowing the person to pull the bags length-wise.


One of the things to consider before buying travel luggage is to ensure that the material, pockets, wheels, and stitching are strong enough to withstand rough handling at the airports and climatic conditions.

Choosing a cheap luggage with weak durability is not advisable. The zipper should be tough to take on the multiple closings and openings. Pull tabs must have holes for padlocks and should be securely attached. Carrying handles and shoulder straps must be comfortably padded and rugged. Some luggage manufacturers out there have a warranty period of 5 – 10 years.


The prime importance of various people is the way the items are packed and how easily you can access it. For instance, once you have put your carry-on luggage under the seat in the front and then suddenly you want something out of it, you will have to pull the entire bag out and take the required item. But, there are bags available which provide access to the entire bag contents by simply unzipping one side.

So, you do not have to open the complete bag. Same applies in case you have put the bag into the overhead compartment. The consideration is to look out for a bag that allows quick access to the bag contents without the headache of placing it over the lap. Some baggage even has the external pockets good enough to store your last minute items.


Most domestic carriers allow a maximum of 40lbs to be carried into the plane but would be very difficult to put it in the overhead compartment. Also, most domestic carriers checked-in baggage allowance is 50lbs. If the checked-in baggage is over the limit, you will be asked to pay the excess baggage charge or you need to remove few items. Therefore one of the things to consider before buying travel luggage is to ensure lightweight bag.

Soft-sided luggage is less heavy as compared to hard sided. But in that case, the soft luggage is made of easily ripping material and there are chances of a zip being weak. You need to select the luggage that is both durable as well as heavy.

Stand-out Style

Comfortable and style travel lagguge on wheels

Recently there has been an increasing demand for the stylish luggage with a variety of colors. People are taking note of another person bag that is stylish and colorful. Hard-cased luggage has upgraded this to a better level, with marvelous designs that look like movable art. It is quite possible that you will get an opportunity to upgrade to business class or special suite will be awarded by the hotel manager because of your stylish luggage.

Warranties and Brands

One other thing to consider before buying travel luggage is the selection of reputed brands. Some brands available in the market never compromise with the durability and quality of their bags. Few brands give a lifetime guarantee for the repairing of the luggage free of cost. Another manufacturer provides a five-year warranty. Warranty mostly covers the workmanship and the material defects. It is necessary to take the warranty into consideration but not mandatory.

Travelling with kids

Kids travel luggageTravelling with kids is a challenging task and you need to make sure that you have at least a hand free to take care of their nuisances.

Personalized kids luggage comes in very handy for kids so the kids are stress-free to carry on their own luggage.

Questions to ask before buying kids luggage

  • Is the trolley bag durable to handle the rough handling?
  • Will the travel bag rolls out smoothly with its wheels?
  • Will it be sufficient enough to fit adequate clothes?
  • As per the child height, will this trolley bag be of proper size to carry?
  • If the child is fond of stylish bags, is the design attractive enough that the child becomes excited?
  • Does it contain cross clasps and extra pockets to keep the things properly organized inside?
  • Is the size sufficient enough to take it as cabin baggage?
  • Will it be precise to keep it in the baggage hold?
  • With reference to this suitcase, did you check the reviews available over the net?


After going through the things to consider before buying travel luggage, it is suggested to purchase a rugged, large bag for the checked-in baggage. This will allow your ironed dress or suit to be packed perfectly without causing any wrinkles. The carry-on baggage should be comfortable with strong wheels and soft shoulder straps that have various external pockets for cameras, toiletries, and other necessary items which may be required during the flight. Kids luggage should be such that it is helpful in carrying and feasible to be accommodated in the cabin luggage and at the same time allowing the kids to enjoy the journey.