Driving a car in Spain for foreigners

Having a long trip with your family is one of the best ways to view many places and it gives you plenty of happiness. If you wish to drive in Spain for tourists, you can make use of the foreign driving license for up to six months and for up to twelve months, specifically if you are coming from the European Union area.

drive in Spain for touristsAfter these certain time periods, many of the foreign residents driving in Spain should get a Spanish driver’s license. The actual driving age in Spain is about 18 years old. For those who over the age of 18 can continue to use their own national driving license to drive a car in the Spain.

If the person’s age is under 18 years, you are not permitted to drive in the Spain, if you hold a license in your own home country. After the certain time period, the citizens from European Union and European Economic Area are residing in Spain and needs to get a Spanish driving license either by renewing their foreign license or exchanging their foreign license. However, these exceptions could be applied based on the expiration date of your license. In order to take a Spanish driving license, the main process depends upon their occupation or nationality and also some of the countries have agreements and rules with Spain.

Besides of driving license and other legal documents that are required for driving, take a time to review the specific driving rules and unbelievable driving laws in Spain.

Do I need an international driver’s license to drive in Spain?

If you like to drive in Spain and wish to rent a car, first of all you should find the right rental agency to rent a car. There is a lot to consider in this country. In order to rent a car in Spain, the person should not be under 21 years of age. But if it is 23 years old, you may allow to use; because only a few difference. The driving in Spain with US license is required the following documents to rent a car in the Spain such as travel passport and national driver’s license and the international driving license. If you are the residents or tourists and going to drive a car in Spanish, you just obtain the driving in Spain us license. However, the US driving license should valid up to 90 days, so you do not need to apply for the Spanish driving license for a short period.

Translation of Spanish road signs

Drive in SpainWhen you are planning a driving holiday to Spain, there are some crucial things to consider before setting off such as learning the rules of Spanish roads and give your car a fast health check. When you wish to travel abroad, first of all you need to understand the Spanish language and know the traffic signs in Spain. The us drivers license in Spain is offered for other international tourists. Some of the translation of Spanish road signs is included mandatory signs, warning signs, prohibitive signs and regulatory signs. These signs can help you to follow the road rules in Spain.