Effective ways to travel with pets to Spain

Many people raise their pets as like their kids and most of the people are willing to bring their pet when they travel to other country. If you are planning to spend your holiday in Spain then you can bring your pet to Spain with Spanish strict regulations.

Travel with dogsIt is always important to check the latest regulation and check whether you are having correct papers. When you are taking your pet to europe then you must concern about certain factors such as dog friendly accommodation, destination where pet can play and run around, destination with animal hospital or local wet, destination with dog friendly activities and events.

Pet passport and regulations

Basically bringing a dog to spain is much easier in nowadays with the help of pet passport system. If you are looking to get pet passport then your pet should be micro chipped at least 12 weeks and you must do up to date vaccination to your pet which includes treated for tapeworm and rabies.

Basically bringing pets to spain must meet some requirements. First and foremost you should insert ISO pet microchip to your pet. Others pets like tropical fish, invertebrates, birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians might not subject to regulation on anti rabies vaccination.

pet health record bookActually pet health record book is also important one when you plan to travel with your pet. Pet insurance might cover plenty of expenses of the unexpected vet bills in case of any illness or injury.

You must book for the pet transport service via reputable and authorized pet transport company. If you are looking to travel with pet then you must follow some tips such as:


  • Pet health passport which includes valid rabies vaccination and any kinds of medical records exact to your pet
  • Any kinds of medications which your pet takes regularly
  • Dog treats and dog food for entire trip and long lasting edible chew is best option for long journey by car or plane
  • ID tag that includes phone number and address of where you will be staying
  • GPS tracking device like Tractive

You are always suggested to take worldwide pet insurance so that you can bring your pet wherever you want. In case you are planning your holiday in Spain with your pet then you must do some research about dog friendly area.

Information about animal travel insurance

In general, animal travel insurance is the safety one which is sufficient to protect you against unexpected cost that is related to your pet. One of the main reasons to have pet insurance is that it covers veterinary bills. It is always important to choose right coverage plan based on your requirements. Different kinds of the coverage options are available such as theft and loss of your pet, death by illness or injury, treatment for the behavioral problems and liability coverage. Covering unexpected and expensive vet bill is one of the main reasons to people take pet insurance because it might cover huge range of the veterinary treatments.